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Restylane Was Not Worth It Under the Eyes

I wanted to get Restylane under my eyes for small...

I wanted to get Restylane under my eyes for small wrinkles.

I did not know how much down time I would have and the results were nothing like I was told.  I look like I have bags under my eyes and it is so bruised.  I am trying to get it taken care of but even 1 week later it is not looking any better. 

I dont even want to leave my home. I am hoping to get injections to disolve the restylane.  I wanted to find out if anyone has had this procedure and if the results were the same. 

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Who was the Doc.?
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If you get more try juvederm on top I think it clumps less and sorta seeps in and fills areas
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You should give it more time before considering injecting something else..to reverse it..The swelling will go down..Try Using a vibrator if it is uneven...I have seen docs on u tube who do this but ask your doc.... Warm then cold compresses cause stress response and speed healing... Athletes have done it for years to help heal injurys....This is from my fiance I tried it once and it seemed to make a difference...I'll post the question to the experts and see what they say... They great think about restylane if it will fade and it's not permenent...Doing another injection now could prolong bruising....It can last a long time in this area.... My doctor uses ice before injecting and it seems to make a big difference...Ask your doc if he will use next time...We have a lot of veins in that area..... I would ask for lidocaine injection to consrtict the blood vessels in this area and the ice.... Lots of vessels and every little bit helps.... Good Luck
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KelKel Do not I repeat DO NOT do fraxel with filler in the eye hollows..... My doc said it was ok but the laser is attracted to water HA attracts moisture and the area is very thin.... I think the strength of the laser was much higher or something because of the higher water content.... Just my theory but pictures don't lie and I am much worse were I had filler It might be ok for people who have a little bit....But not in the hollows or cheeks..... You should go back to your doc asap and see if he can smooth it out...Before it sets too long...
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Sorry to hear of your dilemmas "awalk and Black eyed lady". Now, first, I would inject the hyaluronidase to reduce the swelling, here's why. The selling is most likely not tissue inflammation but over-correction from the product Restylane. Therefore you must reduce the amount of product injected under the eye. If reduced in experienced hands, then you are done for 6 months (this is how long the product lasts)and don't be afraid to inject again, just not with the same (MD, PA or NP). Yes, doing another injection to reduce can cause more bruising but the lesser of both evils is to reduce the lump. Use ARNICA on the bruising to speed up healing. Using ice can help prevent bruising but this does not help you now. Again in experienced good hands as apposed to experienced bad hands, your treatment will be worth it, especially at $500.00.
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I was totally pleased when I very first got my restylane shots (the day of), however when the bruising lasted over 2 weeks after i was told a few days, I was pretty unhappy about that. In addition when the bruising did finally clear I had lumps under my left eye and it looks way worse than it did before the treatment. I'm going to try to get the lumps removed but I feel like this whole treatment is more of a pain than what it is worth.
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