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Restylane is Not Worth It at All

Restylane is a useless treatment and it was my...

Restylane is a useless treatment and it was my biggest mistake ever. The doctor conveniently gave me an overdose of the injection, giving me huge lips with bumps and zits all over my upper lip area. I got it done and a so called " reputed" clinic and i thought that i would get fuller , better lips. My lips had thinned out with age, with wrinkles all over my upper lip area. The cosmetic suergon assured me that for such a case, restylane works really well and it would add both volume and smoothness to my lips. I got way too much volume and it has been really bad. Naturally, i had to go to another doctor to get my lips reduced in size. I ended up spending twice the money and it has been a waste of both time and money. I donot reccomend it at all.


I just recently had the restylane injections in my chin and upper lip area. I am very satisfied with the results but it was a painful procedure to have done on the lips. A bump has popped up above my upper lip, it is still there 1 week after the injections. Other than those two things I am very satisfied. The cost of my treatment was $500.00. I do recommend it if you do not mind a bit of discomfort.
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