Restylane...Not Really What I Expected..

I got my first injection of Restylane 2 days ago.....

I got my first injection of Restylane 2 days ago...My doctor was very gentle with me and he gave me a dental block so I almost didn't feel anything..He injected me a complete syringe into the upper lip. I only felt a small pinch on the right side which was less frozen.

When I got home...OMG !! My lip was very swelled and I looked like a duck..Awful! Also, when I smile or when I speak, my lip is tense and I don't like that!  I look stiff.

Now I just want my lip back and I have to wait for months...BIG mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!

You cannot accuratley review restylane 2 days after the procedure. It takes 2-3 days for the swelling to go down and about 2 weeks for any lumps to smooth out, although there shouldnt be any really visible lumps after a day or two. To make the healing process faster drinks LOTS of water as restylane is hydrophillic.
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