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Nasolabial & Marionette- Too Expensive for Minimal & Short-lived Results

44 yr old female:  I had one syring divided...

44 yr old female:  I had one syring divided up between nasolabial folds and marionette lines.  Results lasted three days on the nasolabial and no results on the marionette lines.  Returned for more filler (one full syringe) concentrating only on the marionette lines and I had one syringe of botox to lift marionette lines and to lift jowl area.

I see only minor improvements and results are fading fast (2 weeks).  Luckily and grateful that my doctor and the Radiesse rep. waived the fee for the 2nd syringe.

I was heartbroken about the results and costs.  I wanted this to work since I can't afford surgery.  Not sure what my next step should be.

Must use the Lanicane, also insist on the numbing cream and ice packs before injections -it does help the pain.  I had no bruising, swelling or bumps afterward. 

i had full face done for free for a training session from my doctor.would have cost 2000.00.After 3 days mt eye bags look bigger i need more cheek volume which he will correect.also had hands done which are beautiful.i am 59 hands look like when i was 30.The injections to face are really painful but not in hands.
I am a medical aesthetician working for a dermatologist. My best advice for anyone seeking fillers, is to use enough syringes and get full correction the initial treatment. Then the results will last. People get nervous or dont want to spend too much and get less and it will not last long. Because of todays economy many docs are offering great specials. Take advantage of this. I have seen great results from Radiesse with our patients.
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She seems very caring and wants to make this work for me, but I think she is at a lose too.

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