Restylane for Nasolabial Folds Made Me Look Like a Chipmunk

I had been researching botox and restylane to...

I had been researching botox and restylane to improve my tired apparence.(I just turned 41yrs old) I was hoping for help with my crows feet and undereye puffiness and eyelid drooping. I went to my dermatologist for a consultation as recommended by many of the websites.

I was told, as I had expected that I need Eyelid Surgery blepharoplasty. He said restylane wouldn't help and would be a waste of money. When I asked in his opinion what would help make my face look more youthful, the botox area my eyes or restylane to pump up my skin? He said I would get the most out of doing my nasolabial folds and corners of my mouth.

It has been a week and my lower face and around my mouth is puffy. I can see lumps around my mouth which causes an indention and creates the nasolabial lines to stand out. Help! What should I do?

Should I make another appointment with my dermatologist or should I wait to see if the puffiness goes away? Does this sound normal? I've read that swelling usually goes down in the first few days. I didn't really have any bruising. I can't really see any improvement as far as looking more rested. I look older with my face all drooping, and swollen at the bottom.

I found that there was a two week period where you looked like you described. You panicked too soon. It has to have time to settle in. On the other hand, I feel it made me look more chipmunk like in the long term. I wish my doctor had talked to me about doing a face lift instead of the injections. I wasted $1200 on the injections and now have to get the face lift anyway and may have to wait til it wears off so I can get a better lift. Sigh. Sometimes going for it and doing it right the first time is more cost effective and results oriented.
In my experience, it's usually best to go back to your first doctor because they know how much restlane they put in and usually can correct for free.
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