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Works for Me, but Start Small.

I've been getting Restylane injected into my lips,...

I've been getting Restylane injected into my lips, and some of the wrinkles around them, for a little more than a year and a half. I love the effect, and have had no side effects other than some bruising and swelling (when I was taking a lot of Advil). The injections do hurt quite a lot, but I feel that it's worth it to correct that caved-in look that happened when I went into menopause. I looked tired and pissed off all the time (so what if I really was tired and pissed off...). A little Botox between my eybrows and some filler in and around my lips, and I look a lot less like a potential murderer. It's all good. The mistake I see a lot of people making with fillers is that they go in and have everything done at once. I'd suggest that newbies start by getting a small area done with a small amount of filler (my Med Spa does not require that you use the entire syringe, and they will hold the material for you for your next visit). If it's the lips, then underfill, and see how you like it, and see how your body reacts. You can always come back and get more. The other thing I would stress is that the effect depends entirely on the skill of the injector. I have mine done by an RN, who has good visual sense as well as medical skill. Look carefully at the faces of the clients who use the provider you will be using. If the waiting room looks like a duck pond, run away.
Hi, I'd like to get the name of your provider. Thanks!
Ah, one more detail. I have had Fraxel Re:pair done recently, and had to forgo line fillers for eight weeks before that procedure. I was due for a Restylane booster when I decided to get the Fraxel, so I am way behind on my line filler boosts right now (I think I had one done in early summer). My lips are still reasonably full, the vertical lines in my upper lip are gone because of the Fraxel (but they were just moderate before the procedure). The biggest loss in Restylane-induced "oomph" is at the outer corners of my mouth, where the Restyalne usually props up a slight downward droop. I'm starting to frown again.
I don't know about less product per treatment (my doctor's office doesn't bill that precisely), but I have needed fewer touch-ups as time goes by. There is one caveat to this, however. The effect is more lasting (I hesitate to say permanent) in some areas than others. I still have to to get the commissures of my mouth boosted fully each visit. Perhaps that area gets so much movement that the collagen can't establish itself? (NB - I get Restylane only around my mouth and in my lip line.)
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