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I went to a doctor in my town for blephorplasty....

I went to a doctor in my town for blephorplasty. While waiting to be called, I picked up a phamplet with Restylane on it. I told him when he came in that's what I wanted. I am so glad that I did. I love it. I went back to work and co-workers kept telling me there was soemthing different about me, but I would not tell them my secret. It was worth the time and since then I have had three treatments, and will be ready for the next one. Treat yourself, we ladies deserve it.

I didn't think you needed to get shots that frequently especially for the eye area. I was told that if you get the shots around the eye area it will last longer then the usual 6 months. I got the shots after having lowers lid surgery 6 years ago and wasn't thrilled with the results because you could still see my dark circles and it seemed you could see the wrinkles under my eyes MORE! But it's been over two months now and I am using a good product and getting chemical peels that seem to help so I am beginning to like it a little more.
Dr. Ben Johnson

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