I has my parenthesis removed from around my mouth,...

I has my parenthesis removed from around my mouth, and I also had some restylane injected under my eyes around my cheekbone area. I was very apprehensive going in, because of some of the negative reviews, but believe me, if you get a good doctor, it is totally worth it. I had also had some botox a few weeks earlier. I am set for the year!

Sei Bella - Dr. Nix

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yes you can e-mail me if you like, I had botox & Juvie too, botox & Juvie in July & touch up in Aug. with the rest of my Juvie....the botox is just wearing off now & the Juvie has gone down considerably but it is still there, not gone completley, maybe my doctor (at a medspa) didn't do the right thing?? I don't know but I am going to a dermotologist or Plastic surgeon next time* I hope your results last a year!
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I have some questions about your procedure. Would you be willing to answer them?
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maybe not a year?
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