Worst Mistake I Ever Made

I had 1 cc of Restylane injected into my upper and...

I had 1 cc of Restylane injected into my upper and lower lip two weeks ago. I did a lot of research about the product and found a very reputable doctor to perform the injections. I wanted to have fuller, more noticeable lips. If only I would have known then what I know now.

Now I have a huge bump on the left side of my bottom lip. I can't smile because my lip is so asymmetrical. I have been to urgent care twice, and have seen an ENT specialist who told me the injection blocked a saliva gland, which has now become infected. I look so much worse than I did before.

The Restylane company has never heard of this type of adverse reaction so I want to make everyone out there aware. I don't know when or if the bump will ever go away.

I will never do this again!

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I had a very bad adverse reaction to the procedure. I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending this doctor to anyone else, for fear the same thing might happen to them.

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