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I started getting Restylane in 2004 for nasolabial...

I started getting Restylane in 2004 for nasolabial folds at 39. We used any extra Restylane in my lips, which already had a great shape but I have a small mouth, so it helped it appear slightly bigger and the entire affect was amazing. Natual looking, no duck-bill overdone lips that look ridiculous and conspicuous. I'm 43 and most people think I'm in my 20's - that is best result I can ask for.

I had to go back every three months for a "refill" varying from 1/2 to 1 full syringe, for the first two years, then it was less and less frequently. Now it's just twice a year and it looks great.

The friends and family I've told about it can't believe I use anything because you absolutely cannot tell if you have a good DOCTOR (not office staff) putting it in! My doctor injects it and then very forcefully manipulates the Restylane in both the nasolabial folds and my lips - the results are beautiful and I can go out in public within an hour, with maximum benefit being about a month after lasting for several months. It's a great investment! :)

I am so upset. I recently had a neck lift along with some smoothing of the lines around my mouth. I looked great after this. But later my cosmetic surgeon was trying out new acculift equipment with opting to buy or not to buy. He, after my first surgery, did the acculift procedure. This just wiped away all that the first surgery around my mouth had done. Leaving deep wrinkles around the edges of my lips. Then he went in and put some filler in. I do not know what the filler was. I could never tell that he had put any filler in. The same lines are still there. And around my mouth looks terrible. He did not charge me for the acculift because he was using me for a guinea pig. I am very sorry that I ever let him do the acculift on me. I was very pleased with the results of the first surgery. I am upset with the surgeon that he did not live up to his promise that he could fix the lines after the acculift. Since he did not charge me for the acculift, I guess that I have no recourse. I am very upset that I paid for some surgery and looked good and now around my mouth looks terrible. Thanks for letting me sound off.

Your comment means nothing without saying who the dr. was. Otherwise, what's the point?
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is one of the most talented and concerned, involved doctors I've ever come across for any specialty. His staff is equally kind with wonderful bedside manner. Dr. is extremely talented as a plastic surgeon and migraine specialist (the original reason I came to him!)

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