Restylane Lips So Worth It !!!

I just got my lips done it hurt for a few hours...

i just got my lips done it hurt for a few hours and them it goes away you just have to be carefull !! best thing i've ever done !! i was very scared at first but no regrets and im going to do it again in 6 months

Montreal Ophthalmologist

because this plastic surgeon is a professor of mcgill universaty and it one of the best im very happy with the results

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Hi There, I've gone to Dr. David Levy - Rockland MD, supposed to be one of the best in the field. He does not do invasive surgery, only rejuvenation. Botox, Juvederm... Soft lifts... The results are the closest to natural I have ever seen. If you are not happy (as someone I know I refreed was not happy withthe size of lip augentation - she wanted fuller) she went back and he did not charge her. It's been 7 months since i had botox and Juvederm and I can't see any change since day one... If so, very slight. I won't have to return until the beginning of the year. I LOVE him and would (and have) refer anyone!!
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hello where have u get it done? it looks great and it real cheap! i am here on vacation and want to do my lips done would u please tell where u got them done?
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hey .. were did you get it done cuz i tried Botox injection which cost me 300 and i didnt see any results ... i was really mad . Now im thinkin to try again but i need to see a result . Did that restalyne last you long?
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