Maybe It Takes a Bit of Getting Used To???

Hello-I had Restylane put into my lips yesterday. ...

Hello-I had Restylane put into my lips yesterday. I was told that the swelling would last a day or two.

I look at myself in the mirror, and think, this doesn't look like me. Ladies, maybe you just need a chance to get used to the new you! I could sit here right now and pick my lips apart. Well, there is a bump here, a bruise there, a swollen whatever there, just calm down and take a moment (or two) to get used to your new lips. After a week, if it still bugs you, then cry about!


I have tried them all - resylane, juvederm, perlane - even sculptra. Sculptra was the most expensive with a ton of bruising - but the effects have lasted for over a year!!!! LOVE IT! Restylane proved a great filler for my lips - much longer lasting than juvederm.
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