Under my eyes and in my laugh lines - Restylane Injections

I received Restylane injections under my eyes and...

I received Restylane injections under my eyes and in my laugh lines. The doctor put too much under my eyes and although it was smooth and gave my cheek bones some lift, it was a bit too swollen under my eyes. She removed some but did a lousy job and it looked like i had 2 track marks under one eye and under the other eye, it occasionally looked lumpy. 6 months later, I consulted with 2 other doctors who said i should wait it out. It is not a year and my eyes have yet to recover. I am looking for a doctor who can get rid of these lumps for good but Im concerned they will tell me its too late and the product has been absorbed. Also, the lumps vary day to day (I read that product attracts water) which complicates matter.

Final analysis: i wouldn't recommend this in laugh lines (it just isn't appropriate for fine lines but just created a lump underneath my lines instead of filling them.) If you do it to fill in under eye cavities, it could look good but make SURE you research the doctor first. It's all in the application.

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I am 37 and had restylane injected under my eyes to help with the hollowness that I had. My doctor said it would would good. Well, afterwards I had these lumps under my eys, and it stretched out my skin...so I had worse off under eyes than before! It was baggy and stretched out. I recently had surgery to help correct that. It still is not the saem. Don't get restylane under your eyes...I think it would do better as a filler in cheecks and forehead, lips, chin areas.
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Try Dr. Robert A. Goldberg at UCLA. He has been treating my husband for years following a bad eye lid surgery.
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