Keep an Icebag Handy!

I've been thinking about this for several years,...

I've been thinking about this for several years, since turning 50. Never thought I would care, but I do. Started with Botox for glabellar followed by Restylane for NL folds with a little extra put in the remaining static frown line,. Looked more refreshed, people commented...nothing blatant, just "you sure look great." THEN decided to do the lip wrinkles, not augmentation, just the wrinkles.

Wow! That hurt like mad, even with a block. 2 days now and still swollen (Howdy Doody, Donald Duck), it burns, and mouth is covered with obviously sore pin pricks. Hard to avoid the stares. I have confidence in the PS to whom I paid major dollars to do this to me, but have serious second thoughts about my reasoning right now.

I had the wrinkles around my upper and lower lips done 1 week ago - no dental block - only some ice to numb it. It really did hurt like heck, and it was swollen and burned. Now I have a few lumps on my upper lip, which I hope will disappear, because I'm not having one more injection around my lips. Time to grow old gracefully! (I'm 61)
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