Restylane Helps Me Looks Like I'm Still in my Thirties!

I've had great results with fillers over the last...

I've had great results with fillers over the last three years. I was very ill in 2004 and lost over 30 pounds (which I did not need to lose). At any rate, it was after that I decided to try the fillers as the huge weight loss left me with serious nasolabia folds. My dermatologist (who I believe are the best trained in fillers even over plastic surgeons)is very conservative and often he's had me come in two times (about one month apart) to ensure that just the right amount is injected. Initially we tried collagen (Cosmoderm) and while I liked it a lot, it only lasted about three to four months. When I mentioned this, he suggested that Restylane would last longer even though it was somewhat more expensive. Well, I've been using Restylane now for almost two years and each time it seems to last a little longer (six to eight months). Apparently, after reading the comments here, I understand there are people who do absorb it which I guess I don't. To prevent any lumping (which usually goes away as the Restylane disappears), my doctor immediately massages the area. I'm lucky to genetically have good skin (small pores, had very little acne), however I'm honestly told I look like I'm in my thirties and I'm 48 and I believe it's the Restylane that makes a huge difference. All that being said, it's VERY important to pick a good doctor who uses injectables all the time and if they don't do a dental block (i.e. numbing), walk out of the office and find someone else!!


I just had some Restylane done without a block - the doctor asked my permission first though, so she could see where to fill better without the block pulling the skin smooth. I think the key then is to get someone who will numb the area up enough. It was uncomfortable, but not super painful -- definitely not ANYWHERE near as bad as getting laser hair removal done on ankles or the backs of the knees. :)
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While I'm still doing fillers, my dermatologist is...

While I'm still doing fillers, my dermatologist is now using Juvederm which is also great! It's a little thicker and thus lasts longer and fills in deeper creases even more effectively!   Again, though, you will want to make sure your doctor uses a "dental block" (i.e. Novacane) prior to injecting the Juvederm.


I had restylane done about one week ago and was very happy at first but now it seems that everything is gone and I look the same. I can still see a little above my lip. I called my Doc and he said to come in for a touch up $250 more dollars. Is this normal? not sure if I should try again.
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