I had Restylane injected under my eyes. - Hated the Results - Irvine, CA

I had Restylane injected under my eyes to fill in...

I had Restylane injected under my eyes to fill in under eye circles.  At first it seemed great.  One eye seemed to "take" better than the other side.  A few days later I realized that I have lumpy bumps under my eyes when I smile.  One cheek seems to be higher than the other and I feel like I look like a gargoyle because the photos pick up every shadow under my eyes and it just looks weird.  I'm hoping it goes away.  Total waste of money.  My old photos with my natural under eye circles look 100% better than I do now with the shadows and lumps that show up.

Dr. Nissan Pilest

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How long did it take to work? Did you have any side effects with that injection?
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Well...I had Juvederm injected under my eyes and the doctor did a "botched" job. He was a very prominent PS too. Had the hyaluronidase injected by another doc and it worked great! He did put a little numbing solution in the sringe too so he could press down on my eye area without it killing me....but it worked!
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Has anyone ever had the hyaluronidase injected to remove restylane and did it work? Had it under the eyes and hate it!
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Hi Laura, You may also wish to pose this question to the professionals who post at RealSelf.com. Use the "Ask a Question" form located here. Good luck with your recovery, Sharon
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