Great New Nose and Lips

I had Restylane in both lips and nose to reduce...

I had Restylane in both lips and nose to reduce bump on nose. I'm still thinking about getting a real nosejob nut i'm so scared it will go wrong.

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Great service and great result

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Hi I know this is old but you posted a pic from 4 months after ... How well would you say your lips held up after those 4 months? I mean they look great here but was that close to how they were right after?
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Hi there, would you mind emailing me who your doctor was? Thanks! :)

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Hi No I'm sorry that is a typing-mistake. I have spend about 1000 $
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No problem. I've changed it in the review. Cheers, --Sharon

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Hi -- Thanks for sharing your experience. You mentioned only spending $1... is that a typo or did you have some sort of coupon/deal?

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