I'll Never Be Without Restylane Again!

I had my under eye troughs, between the brows and...

I had my under eye troughs, between the brows and nasal labial folds done...I am absolutely THRILLED with the results. I'm 52 and was starting to look angry and sad and tired, tired, tired. I had the procedure done on February 25 and I can't say enough good things about the results. My plastic surgeon told me the under eyes area could last up to a year, which is fabulous. I am afraid of Botox, so went with Restylane between the brows with good results...probably not as good of a result if I froze those muscles, but I can't get past the toxin factor. The area around my mouth looks great, too. The results are refreshing. I look about 5 years younger and I'm very pleased with my results.


so maybe if your results are so good, tell everyone who the doctor was that did it so we will know who is good at it
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I love the results! It is painful for a few hours but the results are worth it. I have had it done several times and it lasts about 9 months. I look much younger than I am and it is worth a little pain. I have not had any side effects and wil have another treatment this week. Make sure you go to a good plastic surgeon.
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