Restylane and Eyes

I read the reviews prior to having tear trough...

I read the reviews prior to having tear trough done. Was concerned but learned from a friend that the key is a really experienced doctor....not a nurse or other.

Went to a doctor in Richmond, Va. and she is excellent. She prefers to do a two stage treatment over two weeks to get it right. There is only one charge and she does get it right. Filled in the area under eyes and it looks like new whereas I looked tired and annoyed before.

Key is, get a great doctor and you will be very pleased. So many do it but not right....please take the time to check around and dont wasted your money and time on inferior.

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I am trying to find a really good dermatologist in Illinois to put restylane under my eyes. However, how can I find these excellent doctors? I am trying, but how do I know for sure?

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i am glad you found a really competent injector however i disagree that automatically a doctor is better than a nurse. experience and advanced training is the key not the licensure.
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the doctor I was recommended to use charges $2,600 for the same procedure! granted I'm in NYC but that's such a huge difference. could you tell me the name of your doctor? maybe I'll just go to her the next time I'm down south visiting family.
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If you email me at bl**** I will give you the info. and answer questions on the doctor. She only used 55% of the material and will use the rest to fill in if needed. Blw

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