Restylane is Alright,it You Can't Afford a Mini Lift

It is 600 1 syringe. I paid 1200 for an extra for...

it is 600 1 syringe. I paid 1200 for an extra for touch ups, my choice. It ia alright filled in the lines well. I'm 53 and they told me I should wait for the lift, I really didn't need it. I know i'll still get the mini lift, but this was ok in the mean time, not what i really wanted but you are only slightly unconfortable for a few hours, til swelling goes down.


i dont know how many times i can say this, DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE CHOOSING DR. IF THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND HOW TO USE IT, RYSTELANE IS FABULOUS and it eventually caused my own collagen to kick in and haven't had it again in over a year and no lines. need an experienced provider and you will be thrilled. they have to put it in exactly the right spot. first guy i went to missed the mark then i found my present dr. and is right on every time. one other possiblity is that you may not really have needed it in the first place and that's why you saw no difference.
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restyline is a waste of money @ 1600 for 3 injections poor results the swelling went down in 3 days and i look no different than before

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