well worth it - past due - Reston, VA

I had gastric bypass in 2008 and lost half of my...

I had gastric bypass in 2008 and lost half of my body weight and wanted to have this surgery to remove the excess skin under my chin that looked a roster neck hanging down.

I am so glad that I was able to find Lifestyle Lift and have my surgery. The staff at the Reston office was very professional and ensured that I was comfortable. I ended up getting an infection and had to go back in for a recheck with no issues. I am now 6 weeks post-op and feel and look 100% better. Welll worth every penny - I should have done this sooner!

Hello, I am up from Florida and just had an appt. this am with Lifestyle lifts in Reston. I am a little apprehensive
your so lucky, mine was a nightmare. Still is 13mos later. Cheeks numb, ears so tender I can hardly touch them, large suture bumps on both side of face and look exactly like I did before I got it done. $7650 later. Good luck with your neck. I got severe infection on antibiotics for 3 weeks. Horrible scar. Done in Troy, Mich.
Thank you for the nice comment.
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