Restaylne Left Bruises That Ruined my Big Event

I feel duped by my restylane. I had my first...

I feel duped by my restylane. I had my first injections more than 4 weeks ago and my face is STILL showing bruises. I can hide it now with makeup. Two weeks before my daughters wedding I got restaylne because I wanted to look fresh and natural. Worked like a charm to get rid of my lines around eyes and mouth. But no where, nobody, including my doctor warned me that it would cause big bruises along the side of my face. I do recommend it, but don't get the shots less than a month before any big event. Especially if you're in a lot of pictures!!!


I did not really need it in my lips but sense I had some left the doctor suggested that it could go into my lips, well they were numb for sometime, My sister takes on look and me and says, around your mouth looks swollen are having an allergic reaction to something you ate? Never again !
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i agree my restylane feels abnormal i have no sensation in my upper lip and bruising lip feels numb its 4 days since treatment  and im in shock that the cosmetic surgeon i went to ends up been a 32 yr old nurse!.i thk im more freaked that i gave a registered nurse 800 aus.4 half an hrs work(perlane and dysport). than the numbness .i would of felt alot more comfort. having a surgeon do time ay.cant wait for swelling to go ,got 4 white dots inside lip,just got to relax can take 7 days to heal apparantly.kate

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