Replaced Breast Implants

Had to replace ruptured saline implants. Went...

Had to replace ruptured saline implants. Went with textured gel implants. hurt much more second time around because capsule in ruptured breast had to be removed. had salines 13 years. Not too sure I like the gels. 6 months post op.

I have a fold in my left breast in the corner that I can feel. My doctor reassures me that this is alright and once the capsule regrows over the implant I will feel it less and not notice it. Folds are part of implants. Is this true? Should I replace the implant even though it is just a fold?


Did you go larger the second time around? This might explain the ease of your "feeling" the implants. With silicone the fold problem is less of a risk but everything is relative.
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Folds can cause ruptures in your implant. Anyone who tells you differently is lying. This is not acceptable for 6 months post op.
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