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3 Ml Bottle.. Great Results!

After about 8 weeks, my lashes are so long, that I...

After about 8 weeks, my lashes are so long, that I looked in the mirror and just giggled. No mascara needed, I even have one weird rogue lash that is almost and inch long! 1 drop in the cap and simply wetting the eyelashes every night. Of course, I naturally have reasonably thick lashes but they weren't very long. I really needed mascara and a curler.
No I dont need anything except water and rub them up with my finger. Amazingly, the lashes make me look better without makeup. Very pleased.

Renuance Murrieta

I dont remember what I spent, as there was a deal to add Latisse to my Botox Treatment.

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How great to feel you look better without makeup! I rarely leave the house without mascara, so I can imagine how great that must be to not even need it.

Did you have any of the side effects some people experience, like the itchy or discolored eyelids?

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