Tummy Tuck 7 Days Post Op. Itchy and Uncomfortable - Reno, NV

Today is day 7 post op. I had a fully tummy tuck...

Today is day 7 post op. I had a fully tummy tuck and breast lift and augmentation. My tummy tuck has been the hardest part of the healing process. I opted to have a pain pump, and still have it. Tomorrow is my post op. I'm hoping to have pain pump, drains and stitches removed tomorrow. I'm so numb in the whole belt area (stomach, hips, back) the numbness and itching are boarderline unbearable. My stomach was so tight (still is) that I found walking has put strain on my back, so that is my biggest complaint after numbness and itching. I've been trying to easy into a more upright position as I'm walking, but I think it'll be a while until my back is feeling better.

I think I've had a pretty typical recovery. My drains are slowing down output, and sterrry strips are beginning to fall off. So far I'm very pleased with my results and look forward to the future with my smaller self. I have 3 kids (18,17,12) and planned on having surgery for years. I'll be 40 in May and my ore-op body didn't fit my age or lifestyle. Having lost over 60 pounds from my highest weight of 212, I decided it was time. I'm 5'3 and had substantial extra hanging abdominal skin, and very droopy breasts after breast feeding.
I took off work 2 weeks, but I'm wondering if that is enough. After getting my stitches/drains removed tomorrow, I believe I'll be able to be more active. I'll keep you updated. H.


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! This recovery is definitely no joke! And you're a week in so you're through the worst of it.

Please let us know how getting your drains removed goes. That will be a huge relief.

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It hurts a lot....... I got mine removed today and i just have t say that it is worst than having surgery... Good news is that the pain only last about 10 seconds. :)
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