Thinking of Downsizing Old Implants (D to B)

I had saline implants put in in 1990 at the age of...

I had saline implants put in in 1990 at the age of 20 to perk up already-sagging B breasts. I wasn't after size, just lift. The implants gave me that lift.

It was great until the past 5 years or so, when I found my breasts dropping more and more with each year. Also, they became misshapen when lying on my side.

I had breast augmentation 20 years ago and am now dealing with a low, swinging D. I would like to go smaller, such as a perky B, but wonder if there would be a problem with extra skin and also don't want the "pie slicing" look of most reductions. Any thoughts?


Oh, one other thing. If it's the scarring which is putting you off getting a lift, be advised that the scarring typically heals very nicely. Plus some clinics provide options for patients who are fully healed but not completely satisfied with how the scars have healed, which include things like laser treatment, shots (can't remember what kind of shots at the moment) and micro-pigmentation.
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