No Results So Far - Ottawa, Canada

I purchased four sessions. During the first...

I purchased four sessions. During the first session, I didn't really feel that much and I didn't see any difference at all. She told me she had the setting at 5 and at my next appointment, I'm going to ask that they try a 7. I was also in and out of there in just under 30 minutes.

Then, the day before my next appointment, I was phoned by someone at the spa, who spoke English with great difficulty, saying my appointment had to be cancelled because they had an emergency. That supposedly would only have one person working. I asked for a reschedule and he promised to call me back but didn't.

I went on-line at the end of the day and cancelled my appointment on-line so they couldn't come up with a reason to charge me anyway but I was the only person to have cancelled my booking that way. So I phoned and left a message saying that I would really like to keep that appointment if possible or be rescheduled that same week, and that I hadn't been phoned back as promised in this regard, but again no one phoned.

Hopefully my experience improves but, as it stands, I wouldn't recommend either this spa or this particular treatment.

Did you go back? I have had two treatments and do not see much progress and think my wrinkles actually look worse. A couple of dark brown dots that were on my face are now a bit lighter but still there. I am beginning to think that this is not worth the money. I have had 2 out of 7 treatments, so I am not sure if I am just being impatient, not really sure what to expect.

I hope you are able to get this rescheduled!   Would love to hear about the final results when you have completed the treatments.

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