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I'm 22 yo. ive always had an insecurity about...

I'm 22 yo. ive always had an insecurity about my waist line. my stomach is just where all of my fat is stored. no bueno. i hate it i hate it I HATE IT!

So about a yr ago, i went in for a consultant in danville, ca. estimation was 7000. im like whoaaa where am i gonna get that kind of money? It felt impossible at the time. So i figured if i worked out and ate right then i would lose a little. nothing seems too happen as fast as i would like. dont get me wrong, it does help just not as quickly as you would like.

Now, a couple of months ago i went to a different office and paid the deposit for my smart lipo. this time im not looking into 7000 , they gave me a better price "4000". Hopefully ill love my results. im getting upper, lower abs and flanks done.

Today im going in for my measurements for my garment. i leave in about ten minutes.

i just wanted to began on this site because i read so many people's amazing results. This site is interesting and it kind of made me feel better about getting it. So, im leaving now. ill be back to let you guys know how today went with the measurements

Welcome to RealSelf, afckndukes. Good luck with your surgery next month. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog for updates. :)

thanks very much!

It's getting closer to the day of my procedure im...

it's getting closer to the day of my procedure im very excited! ill post my before pictures the day before my procedure!

Novemeber 21, 8:00am i walked into the office for...

Novemeber 21, 8:00am i walked into the office for my procedure. i took a urine test to verify that i was not pregnant. afterward, i took some medication and sat down for a little while. about 15 mins. after, they called me into a another room to take my before pictures.

I then walked into the procedure room and took more medication. the doctor and i had lots of conversation while she continued on the procedure. it didnt hurt not on bit. maybe felt like a pinch here and there but i didnt hurt.

whenever my doctor sends me my before pictures ill post them
Who was your doctor?
Which DR did you go to ?
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