Photo Facial After Care - Redondo Beach, CA

Hello everyone: I searched and searched and...

Hello everyone:

I searched and searched and couldn't find any postings on after care for photo facial.
I had my photo facial on Aug 27 and am very pleased with the results so far.
The pain was there-but I am a total wimp so I don't like any sort of pain.
Regardless, after the browning and peeling -I am using Obagi zinc oxide but wonder what else I should be doing for my face.
I am also going to invest in some bleaching cream the RN recommended to make certain the brown spots don't come back.
Any recommendations for after photo facial care?

Hi Malena, 

I looked in our doctor Q&A  and found the question, When Does Peeling Start After Photofacial. The answers might be useful. Please keep us updated. 



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