Microdermabration Was Better Than I Thought-Redondo Beach, Ca

I had microdermabration because I have acne...

I had microdermabration because I have acne scars
and large pores. It was really painful but the end result
was great. I was red and slightly swollen for a day but
my skins texture eventually looked smoother.
I plan to have this procedure done again. It hasn't reduced my
Acne scars but my skin texture looked better. Apparently
your suppose to have microdermabration done more that 3 times
before you see drastic results.

a spa which is no longer in business

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I'm glad you had a good experience and that you saw that you need to go more than once. Please let me know how it goes. Do you think you would want to post pictures? Thanks for being part of the community.


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