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Since I was around 16, (now 28) I have always...

Since I was around 16, (now 28) I have always wanted breast augmentation. I have had a lot of ups and downs with my weight and am now steadily achieving a health lifestyle. I do not have any children yet, ( which worries me about how my breast will look if I do become pregnant soon after!) but I figured if I don't do this now and wait until I am done having kids I may never get around to it.

This is the first time I am really doing something for me and I think I deserve it. I would love any tips and advise anyone can give me! Only 12 more days! I am going to get 500cc saline under the fold. If anyone has some scar tips I would love to hear, any tips for that matter! :)

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Hey girl I'm getting mine on Monday. I'm from Redlands also! I'm actually not getting mine done there though! I'm getting 500cc saline over the muscle. How is healing?
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Hey! I'm excited for you! Im very happy so far with the results! They feel real according to my husband and are dropping nicely. I highly recommend that u get up and walk as much as u can after surgery to help with the swelling! I didn't and almost couldn't fit into my pants for work when it was time to go back! Drink lots of water this weekend too! Good luck and let me know how it goes!
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Thank you so much !! All advice is helpful:).
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Hey girl! I just had my surgery yesterday! I'm 22 and no kids...and just as you the first time.I've done something for me! I too am.worried about.his they'll look after kids..but I thought I'd cross tthat bridge when I need to. I got 510cc silicone under the muscle and under the fold.of the breast. Based on previous scars..I can tell you massaging them after they aare heeled will help as.well as putting vitamin E directly on the scar (citing a vitamin e pill and putting the oil on the scar) will also eliminuate the site of the scar! That's my plan for my.boobs! Good luck!
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Thanks for the tips! I will start massaging my scar site today! I use mederma and I also bought an oil for scar as well so I'm going to start using that as well!
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's a good post from Scrappy 37 about her first three days post op.

I hope all goes smoothly for you and that you love your results. Please keep us posted!

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