Twin Skin Removed Via Abdominoplasty

I had 7 pound twins in 1993 by c-sec, and a prior...

I had 7 pound twins in 1993 by c-sec, and a prior baby by.c-sec in 1990. My highest weight was actually during my first (singleton) pregnancy, in which I had eclampsia. Fat plus fluid weight got me up to 191 lbs, and at 188 with the twins. After the twins, I got back down to 112 lbs. The excess skin on my abdomen Hung down to mid-thigh. I could pull it down through the leg holes of my panties.

I used money I got in my divorce to pay for the t.tuck in 1996, when the twins were 3 yrs old. I had to get corsette-like permanent sutures along the abdominal wall, as it not only stretched, but "unzipped". For overall sculpting, I was encouraged to also get lipo on my hips, where I always had these little fat pads, at any weight.

The over all result has been fantastic, and has held up the last 14 years, even with subsequent weight gains and losses. Future weight gain just seems to distribute differently. At any age, it's money well spent.

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Glad the procedure went well for you! Thanks so much for reviewing your treatment. It really helps other women in their decision making process and/or recovery.
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When u say unzipped, stretched? Did you have to have a second tummy tuck to redo the whole procedure? I am having some issues. At first my tummy tuck was flat, a few months later, I starte to bulge out. My PS thinks the sutures loosened and I have a redo the whole procedure again. If this is what happened to you, can you please explain what happened, what was done and what the results are? Is the recovery time the same as the 1st one? My redo is next week... Help??
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Hi There,

Here's a link to a question about loosened sutures. Hope this helps, but it sounds like you're well on your way to another treatment. Please keep us posted on how it goes.

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Hi sorry for the delayed response. When I say I "unzipped" during my twin pregnancy, I mean that I was told that my rectus abdominal muscles separated to a degree that surgical correction was necessary to regain my pre-pregnancy body. The Rectus Abdominal muscles are the two parallel abdominal muscles that run down the front of the abdomen on either side of the belly button. I guess the separation is normal in most pregnancies (not just twin/multiple pregnancy, Since it allows the abdomen to accommodate the growing baby. The degree to which the separation takes place, or repairs itself after birth varies, and in my case, surgery was my best option. I've only ever had the one tummy tuck to correct both the separation and the "twin skin", so I've never explored having a second tummy tuck. I do recall being told, however, that if I were ever to get pregnant again, I may have to undergo a second abdominoplasty to get the result back. Thankfully, I've not ever been pregnant again after my twins (now 17 yrs old), and my subsequent tummy tuck!
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