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I had eagerly awaited a mommy makeover since I had...

I had eagerly awaited a mommy makeover since I had my first son, but waited until I was done having kids and lost the extra little baby weight. I have always been a small girl (size 2 even before my procedure), I just had extra skin and the effects of breastfeeding 3 babies. Having Dr. Ball do my surgery is probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Dr. Ball completely removed my belly button, I’m not exaggerating when I say I have NO belly button, he left me with a 5 inch vertical incision on my stomach, and to make matters worse he still left extra skin and one side of his 'w' incision has more skin than the other so i look ridiculous. Before I could at least blame the stretch marks, extra skin, and less than ideal bathing suit body on kids-- but now I am out $15k and I look deformed! On top of that my breast augmentation has issues as well. He did a procedure (donut lift) that I have now been told isn’t good to do for women with poor skin laxity (which would be me with the extra skin from babies). My nipples are now HUGE and even the most modest of bathing suits and bras have a hard time covering them.
Essentially from the moment I saw my incisions/results from my surgery I had been vocal about the results not meeting what we had discussed. His answer was always to let things heal, give it time, all of which I have done. I am now six months post operation, and at my most recent appointment (August 7, 2014) he claimed my results were near perfect and textbook. Yet, at this same appointment he said, “You don’t have much of a belly button”, and offered to help address that issue at yet another cost to me. I addressed the remaining excess skin/unevenness of my stomach and he offered to do liposuction at yet another cost to me if I was “striving for perfection”. (this wont help with extra skin still remaining however) I also addressed the continuing issue with my right breast having pussy fluid accumulating on the incision site (almost cist like) , which I have been seen for and called about on numerous occasions, and his response is it might be a pocket from a knot and to give it time to heal. This specific problem not only has caused additional pain/tenderness, but has resulted in a quite a large and unattractive scar on my breast. His solution to fixing this was removing the scared area and reclosing, yet again at my expense.
I have seen two well respected plastic surgeons since my surgery to assess my progress and my so called “text book results”, both of which were almost speechless as to what has happened in my case. In addition to my results, they seemed quite worried at the length of time Dr. Ball kept me under anesthesia for the procedures performed. One of the surgeons was so upset with my results he even personally called Dr. Ball to highly recommend that he give me a refund since corrective surgery is required. He did this not as my doctor, but as a highly concerned medical professional. What should have been a pretty simple procedure, has left me with issues I can only hope to improve. I will never get the chance again to completely start over and have the amazing results I should have had, he has essentially robbed me of this. I am left with a deformed looking stomach, no trace of a belly button, my stomach is uneven and excess skin remains, and my breasts are badly scared.
Wow. I can't believe that he didn't give you a belly button. Thanks for sharing :)
It def was a shock and quite disappointing. I was in tears when the bandages came off... my big reveal was a big let down. Sad part is belly buttons are really hard/impossible to full reconstruct, so I will sadly never have a real belly button again. I can have the extra skin problem fixed and part of the vertical line removed hso there is that. The breasts can be fixed also, just wont be fun using what time i have left at work and spending $15k again to fix what should have been done right the first time. Live and learn! I just hope someone learns from my misfortunes and goes elsewhere.
Yes. Your story will surely help someone. It's just unfortunate that there isn't a way to sue him for malpractice. He should be held accountable.

More pictures as requested...

I've had messages requesting pictures. I will try and take some sitting down and bending over. It's just hard and a tad depressing putting it out there for the world to see. Humiliated doesn't begin to cover it
You need to send the pictures to the medical board, attorney general, BBB,state senator. and him... Make sure ALL names are included at the bottome of the letter next to CC'd along with a letter from the other plastic surgeon. ... THIS WILL PUT PRESSURE ON THE DR TO GIVE YOUR MONEY BACK!!! Please do it and get his name out there. Maybe call a local news station, stsrt a FB page etc. He will want to shut you up.
He did offer me $2k not to post bad reviews, but I'm not interested in bribes- I want a refund because that's the right thing to do. I received a call from his insurance company letting me know they are having an out if state doctor review my file and pictures to see if a refund is warranted so we shall see.
Make sure you send reviews from your own Dr!!! A new one ;) I used to work for the mical community... ;) Send in the other medical opinions as they are required to be a part of your file!! Praying you get a refund!!!

Extra Skin views

hi. while reading ur story i just cried how is this possible.That somebody who claim to be a doctor can do this. u put ur life and trust in him.not to mention ur selfasteem because this surgery suppose to lift u up to feel good about ur body how can he just not consider all that. just thinking only about the money he will get. gosh words cannot describe how am feeling now regarding ur story. i hope there will be a way for u to correct this mess that he made. so at least t would look as u want.dont mind those people talking negative. as long its not at there doorstepp the some people just dont care.let them be happy/pray that there surgery went ok or going to be ok. Your in my prayer and dont loose hope.and keep trying to get back ur money ur money will/must not be an easy pay for him.God bless and remember we ar ur realself sisters her on the site so u can say how ur feeling etc alot of us will support and listen to you.
Thank you so much for your support. I'm really hoping the insurance gives me a refund but we shall see. This whole thing has just been miserable and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, which is the only reason I put this review up.... It's important for people to see what is actually occurring. I wish someone would have had a review up like mine before I got my surgery done... I never would have chose to go to where I did. Live and learn, but unfortunately mine mistake an just be made better and not completely fixed. I honestly feel he really believes he did a great job, he recently offered to address the belly button issue (no remaining skin issue), but I 1. Don't trust his abilities and 2. I researched how he was planning on doing my belly button issue and it seems pretty archaic. I look pretty great with clothes on (I work out a lot so I would hope I do lol and I did prior I my surgery also), but in bathing suits or naked I just feel horrible. The whole point of the surgery was to feel comfortable in my own skin again and I like my pre PS body better and this one just makes me feel like a freak show. I eagerly await getting some type of fix. Thank u for ur support it means a lot especially when some aren't so nice and the dr who did this repeatedly tells me I'm basically crazy for not liking my results and having a revision is a horrible idea.
Your welcome. Everybody could see right thru this person and thankfully so didn't RS who took down her unwarranted and totally ridiculous remarks. Your story most definitely needed to be told to help other. Thank you for being so brave to do so and to include photos as well! Best of luck!!

Belly pics

I deleted the extra skin pics cause i was getting a not nice person harassing me, but then I realized my whole point was to help other people avoid this happening to them and in order to do that I have to show all the pics... So here I go
aww hun, another realself lady that I going to DR mentioned how sorry she was to hear about your ordeal on her page so I decided to see who you were. I can't believe how much drama you have been through! I truly am sorry sweetie. I just really hope you get back your money and are able to get a second round, even though you shouldn't have to. if you have any energy left after all this. sue him! what a bas**rd! c
Thank you. I am schedule in December for a fix, never will get the results I should have but at least it will be better. If I can save at least one person from experiencing what I did then I'll be happy... Live and learn. Plastics is a tricky business and the doctors are heavily protected by all the releases we sign!
yes thats all very true. well I wish you the luck! :-D
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