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Like a lot of people who cannot distinguish...

Like a lot of people who cannot distinguish between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon. I made a very serious mistake by choosing a cosmetic surgeon from the internet believing he was qualified to do a facelift and an upper and lower blepharoplasty. As a result, he did a lot of permanent damage to my upper eyelids, which cannot be fully repaired despite three further attempts by an eye surgeon. The lower eyelids looked exactly the same after the operation. The outcome of the facelift was disappointing. I therefore was referred to another cosmetic surgeon by him. The second surgeon promised he would remove the jowls which the first surgeon failed to achieve. Unfortunately, the result was worse. He did not remove the jowls as promised. On top of it, he created thick and ugly scars on both sides of the ears. Instead of fixing the problem for free. He charged me $500 each time to try to remove the scars by laser and the overuse of cortisone injections which hurts like hell for a total of 23 times. He still wanted me to come back for more of the same treatment. The treatment was of no benefit, and caused discolouration of the skin to my ears. Out of desperation, I asked my GP to refer me to a reliable surgeon. Only then, I realised I should have all these done by a PLASTIC SURGEON and not a cosmetic surgeon. I was very lucky that I was referred to Dr Kevin Ho. He performed another facelift for me. The outcome was excellent. He removed the JOWLS and repaired the damage done by the previous two "cosmetic surgeons" as promised. I have no hesitation to recommend Dr Ho for his excellent work and caring manner.
What a terrible time you had! Thank goodness Dr. Ho was able to correct the mistakes the first two Drs made. That makes me think twice about having a facelift. How do you tell the difference between a Real plastic surgeon and just a cosmetic surgeon?

I'm very sorry you had to go through so much, but am glad you finally found a doctor you trust. Thank you for sharing on RealSelf!

Thank you for reading, Anglemcc.
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