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"It Works" is Horrible! - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

After a new distributor raved about the wraps, I...

After a new distributor raved about the wraps, I decided to try it. I was hesitant because quite frankly I know better and we all know the right way to lose is through diet and exercise. I read about it and it seemed harmless so I decided to try it. I was told I could leave it on for 10 hours but left it on for 2 hours. After 2 hours of having it on I became sick, extremely dehydrated and lethargic. I was unable to stand, function and work. I drank so much water and drank pedilyte. 3 days of misery!! I am recovering now and still drinking plenty of fluids. This is dangerous and NOT worth it! Did I lose? Sure, 3 pounds from essentially having the flu! I then found reviews online of similar issues as mine which made me feel less scared. Girls, drink the water without the wrap!
Should I be concerned at all with this product. I first heard about it from my sister in California who had 6 children. She looks amazing and she doesnt have time to work out but you would never know. I myself , workout everyday, drink so much water that my doctor yelled at me to back it down some. I have had three children and am stuggling with the last 20 pounds, the not so firm skin and I just want to look my best. In your own opinion.......do you think I should do this?
I would strongly recommend anyone trying a wrap not use another detoxing product wirh it at the same time.
im not being defensive just a question I sell these wraps and I love them but you are right these aren't for everyone my mother has extremely sensitive skin so she cant use them or she would break out but we have doctors who sell these and my personal doctor loves this product and is happy with my success so no its not for everyone but it does help a lot more people than it hurts and I am very sorry for your expiernce
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