Chin and Neck Lipo Done After Major Weight Loss in Early 20s - Ramsey, NJ

I've lost 169 pounds for a gastric bypass and...

I've lost 169 pounds for a gastric bypass and because I have excess skin.

I added the chin and neck liposuction on a 10 days before a per planed surgery (I also am getting my breast done, and a extended arm lift)

I will keep you posted on my results!

Feel free to watch my results for yourself! I have a youtube channel going over my weight loss, lower body lift, and now these new procedures. Just look up jenniferhammond88!

Hi Jennifer. How is it going, -any afterpics? Happy healing! :-)
They did not end up doing it :( I was told I need a neck lift

Hi there, welcome!

How did your chin lipo go? I hope everything went well and you're having a smooth recovery!

Please do keep us updated with your progress.

Ramsey Plastic Surgeon

So far he seems like a great guy! I will keep you guys posted!

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