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Works Amazingly Well and Cost Effective - Raleigh, NC

I can easily get 5-6 months out of each bottle -...

I can easily get 5-6 months out of each bottle - making Latisse WAY MORE cost effective than it seems. I have stopped and started 2x (pregnancies) and each time hate to see my nice long lashes go back to normal :( It only seems to take a few weeks of use to get them going again though! I do get slightly itchy the first few weeks of use - but that always goes away. User for LIFE.


I use my own tiny paintbrush to put it on - instead of the brushes it comes with. Those are designed to absorb more product - and deliver less to your lashes! I bought it at Michaels. 1 drop per day coats both lash lines. At around the 8 weeks mark I start using it only every other day.. and now i use it only 2-3 times per week! Lasts for ages!
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What do you do to get it to last for 5-6 months?

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Love the pics! Thank you for posting.

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