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Works Amazingly Well and Cost Effective - Raleigh, NC

I can easily get 5-6 months out of each bottle -...

I can easily get 5-6 months out of each bottle - making Latisse WAY MORE cost effective than it seems. I have stopped and started 2x (pregnancies) and each time hate to see my nice long lashes go back to normal :( It only seems to take a few weeks of use to get them going again though! I do get slightly itchy the first few weeks of use - but that always goes away. User for LIFE.

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I use my own tiny paintbrush to put it on - instead of the brushes it comes with. Those are designed to absorb more product - and deliver less to your lashes! I bought it at Michaels. 1 drop per day coats both lash lines. At around the 8 weeks mark I start using it only every other day.. and now i use it only 2-3 times per week! Lasts for ages!
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What do you do to get it to last for 5-6 months?

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Love the pics! Thank you for posting.

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Each time I stopped - I swear I didn't notice anything for 3-4 weeks. I didn't see any major 'falling out' - just lost the length around a month :(
I did not worry about the pigmentation in the iris at all. I did my research and spoke with the Dr's office about it. They reassured me that those side effects have so far only been seen in glaucoma patients - not Latisse users!
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Good to know! Always so nice to hear from someone who has actually used the product - thanks for sharing! :)

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Thanks for posting the photos! I can see a big difference in the afters for sure! Looks great :)

When you stopped using it did you have a lot of your lashes fall out? I've heard that can happen so I'm always interested to hear.

Also, you have gorgeous eye color. Were you concerned at all about it changing the color of your eyes?

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