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No So Free Enhancement for Life - Raleigh, NC

Do not be fooled by the Free Enhancement for Life....

Do not be fooled by the Free Enhancement for Life. I had the surgery done a few years ago and needed enhancements. LasikPlus moved from Raleigh NC even though the doctor who performed the surgery is still in Raleigh NC. They are requiring that I drive 4 hours away and 4 hours back to have 3 or 4 exams just to let me know if they can do the enhancements. Then I will have to back there again for the surgery and 3 or 4 more post ops afterwards. Eight hours a trip total and possibly up to 9 trips.
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I have long criticized the high-volume LASIK centers and the associated surgeons who proclaim "free enhancements for life". There are many strings attached and I have personally performed enhancements for patients who were left "high and dry" by their LASIK provider who has left town, closed down, or tell the patient they don't qualify.
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Sorry to hear about your experience, louielisa? How much has your vision changed?

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