Fraxel Repair Caused Collagen Loss! - Raleigh, NC

I had a series of treatments for the white/silvery...

I had a series of treatments for the white/silvery stretchmarks on my upper arms I got during puberty. I was excited to finally have the time and money to treat them. The procedure was incredibly painful, it felt like my skin was getting injected with fire, but I toughed it out with the hope that my stretch marks would improve.

Not only do I see no improvement, but my skin wrinkles and looks weird. I'm only 30 but the skin on my upper arms looks like it belongs to someone much older. I can definitely see a loss of collagen, and what could only be described as damage. I hope that I can eventually find a procedure of product that will reverse the damage caused by Fraxel Repair.


Please let the community know of you fix it . Mine is on my face :(
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I was thinking about doing mesotherapy or carboxytherapy when I have the money to try them. I'm not sure if I would try that on my face, though, since it's also supposed to help with weight loss. Have you looked into Thermage? I heard it uses ultrasound instead of heat to stimulate collagen.

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Fraxel Laser, I am so sorry the treatment didn't give you the results you were hoping for. Please keep us posted if you try a corrective procedure.

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