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I had the procedure done eight days ago. Yesterday...

I had the procedure done eight days ago. Yesterday (day 7) was the best I have felt since having my procedure done. The staff was courteous, professional, and most friendly. It was a beautiful state of the arts office located in a safe area. I'm a petite built woman , who has never been over weight in her life. Currently I weigh, 134lbs, and I'm 5"3. In fact for a while I was underweight (in my twenties I weighed less than 120.) I really wasn't prepared for the after effects associated with cool sculpting. I have had breast implant surgery and to me that was easier than the stinging and numbness of cool sculpting. Anyone that's had breast augmentation surgery knows that's anything but an easy surgery. One week later I can honestly say my swelling is finally starting to go down. I'm an African American who showed no visible signs of bruising however; I did have a tremendous amount of stinging and burning sensations after the procedure. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I can normally lose weight quickly but I can already see a difference in the size of my fat roll across my lower abdomen. It seems like there's less of a roll to pinch. I had my upper abdomen done as well and that was a much easier process than my lower abdomen. Overall the actual procedure itself was uncomfortable in the first five minutes. After that the machine had numbed the area good enough that I actually relaxed enough to take a short nap. Hands down, the worst part was the end of the treatment when they massage the tummy back into place. Awful!!!!! The upper abdomen massage wasn't bad, it stung as well but it was bearable. I am hoping for good results but either way, ill not do it again!!!!!


Regretful...why would you not do it again? I had mine done almost a week ago, and to be honest the pain is worse now than it was a few days lower abdomen is stinging, twinging and feels very hot, it also seems to get very hard and more painful as the day goes on...i had two back to back treatments, recommended by the cost me $900 for the two...if it works, and the pain goes away...i will do my uppere abdomen, i know probably a tummy tuck is what is needed for me, with looser skin and the years going by..but i wont put myself through that and the cost is ridiculous..i dont want perfection, just to look better in my clothes and not have the muffin top...I too didnt feel much pain when they attached the machine, as you said the worst part was the massage afterwards...and now of course...hoping the pain goes quickly and it WORKS
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