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I am 5'5 and about 140lbs. I try to work out 2-4...

I am 5'5 and about 140lbs. I try to work out 2-4 times a week but sometimes it just doesn't happen. My goal weight is 130, so I'm pretty close to that. I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow (May 16th) to get this process started. I am a little nervous about the pain because some of the reviews lead me to believe it can be intense. I'm going to take ibuprofen prior to my appointment just incase.

Procedure Day

6 areas were recommended but today we started with 2 on the lower abdomen. Noushi used the coolcore applicator for these areas. The procedure itself was a breeze. No pain just an odd sensation. After the cooking numbed the area, I could only feel that there was something sitting on me. The stick of butter didn't look as prominent as some others I've seen on here but I hope that doesn't matter. The massage afterwards just causes a tingling feeling very similar to what you would feel if your foot was waking up after being asleep. Tiny pins and needles. Not really pain though, just annoying. After a couple minutes that subsided completely. Now I'm just numb in the treated areas. I'm not going to lie. The price is steep but if it works, it will be worth it. It definitely hurt to swipe that card. On the ride hope I kept thinking over and over again that I hope I haven't made a mistake. We shall see!

Professional Before Photos

Just got these and wanted to share them.

Morning after

Some swelling and mild redness. I had no trouble sleeping last night. The area is a little tender to the touch but not bad at all. Just feels like a bruise if you were to push on it. Numbness is still very profound. It's a little weird and I can tell I did something but there really is no pain.

This pain is no fun...

I thought I was going to breeze through this whole process with minor discomfort. I was wrong. Today has by far been the worst so far. I didn't sleep well last night. I don't think I will sleep very well tonight either. I have been taking Tylenol here and there but it isn't actually helping. I will be taking some Unisom tonight to help me sleep. The pain isn't debilitating or anything but it is very annoying and is distracting me at work some. I think I can make it a few more days like this before I start to question myself for bringing all of this pain on me. This will all be worth it if I see results!

2 weeks post

Still no changes in my pudge but I can't tell anything was ever done aside from the numbness. Thank goodness all of the discomfort is gone! It was very annoying and distracting for a few days. I have felt different on the right and left sides. The left is a lot more numb. And when I was feeling shooting pains, that was usually on the left side as well. I hope I don't end up lopsided. I'll update again when I start seeing results.

3 week update

Not really seeing any changes but I don't have any pain at all anymore. Still numb. Every once in a while I get a twinge on the left side but it isn't painful. It just feels like pulling. I haven't seen any results yet but I still have a few more weeks. If successful, I will have more done on my flanks and upper abdomen. If unsuccessful I will probably be very angry at myself.

4 week update

I'm still numb a little bit in the treatment area but it's a lot better than it was a week ago. I feel 100% back to myself normal. I haven't noticed any changes yet but I still have another month or so to go until I'm expecting any. I still weigh the same thing as I did on treatment day.
Noushi (ExcelLase)

I love Noushi. I have been seeing her for several months now for laser hair removal. She also does Fraxel and Coolsculpting. I have plans to do both in the future. Noushi is wonderful and explains everything thoroughly while distracting you from the discomfort. I like ExcelLase because every time I go I see her. She is the only one there so that will remain consistent. I don't like the idea of seeing a different person at every appointment. If you are looking around for someone to provide laser hair removal/Fraxel/coolsculpting I highly recommend Noushi at ExcelLase.

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Keep us informed. I am thinking of doing this on flank.
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Are you sure you don't have diastasis recti (splitting of the abdominal muscles), that often results from pregnancy (esp. big ones like mine: both my babies hovered around the 10-lb. mark!). Because, this often manifests as a tummy bulge. You can tell if you do a sit-up, and as you're coming up, a big ridge of tissue sticks out where your stomach and abdomen are. You can also feel a "crater" in that area if you push down w/your fingers there; that's the split. If this is the case (your ob/gyn can diagnose it), this can only be fixed w/surgery to sew the muscles back together.
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Hello, I see from your pictures that you may not feel you have had results. I do want to point out however- 3 weeks most people dont see results in most cases. Earliest you can hope to see results is usually 8 weeks. Often it can take 4 months. Furthermore: a benefit by being seen by a plastic surgeon is they can honestly review your case and give you the best solution. I will note from your images- that it does not look like excess fat around your belly as much as it looks like the muscles underneath have lost strength (do the child birth, or other circumstances). I would suggest doing extremely intense strengthening in your core- try aggressive pilates (not just situp/curls). I think you will find significant results as it will 'pull' your tummy up and in- but you must do it almost daily for a couple months (if your muscles are not sore the next day, you were not working them hard enough).
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Thanks! I'll try that. I did have a csection so my muscles aren't nearly as strong as they were before.
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Hang in there, I am 5 months out and had dwelling this last month. Good luck.
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My hubby used to say stuff about money but after he helped out a relative and was then told to take a f#####g leap afterwards I told him to NEVER say anything to me about money again. It has been three years and he hasn't. Good luck with getting the results u were hoping for.
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My Hubby considers all I do cosmetically, as vanity. I must pay for everything myself.
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I feel your pain.... I was 4 months post my second coolsculpting and saw very little results. I was so desperate to shrink my mommy gut so I didn't have to hear my husband tell me " I told you this wasn't going to work and now we spent all that money" so researched all the mom blogs and found tat working out your transverse muscles is the only way to get rid of the bulge. You can try the tupler method or simply look it up on you tube I think you will be surprised how easy it it is. Good Luck to you.
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Thanks for the update. I am considering this and look forward to your reviews.
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It was coolsculpting. That was just the name of the attachment that did the suction. Noushi is going to use coolcurve on my flanks next time.
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Coolcore??? This wasn't the Zeltiq Coolsculpting machine?
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Don't bother with anything for now. Be sure you leave the office with a script for Neurontin & take it at the 1st tinge of discomfort. In the 11 treatments I've had, I only took 1 pill. I really didn't even need that one.
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