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Hi All- I have a BA and inner thigh lipo scheduled...

Hi All- I have a BA and inner thigh lipo scheduled for 11/6. I originally had a mini TT scheduled as well, but really don't need it per se, just wanted the saggy baby belly to go away. SO, I though I had it all figured out- was going to get the Sientra "gummy bear" implants because they look more natural and aren't as obvious. But then I started reading the Q&A section of this website and I'm feeling unsure. I'm getting really freaked out about leakage and autoimmune problems plus having to have an MRI out of pocket in a few years.
I'm 41, 5'4, 125lbs with 3 kids, 10, 7 and 4. When I tried on sizers at my consult, I was most comfortable in 225-250ccs. Based on what I have been told, my frame is small so saline submuscular implants will be obvious and ripples will show.
The lipo is another whole ball of wax because I'm nervous about rippling there since the inner thigh is such a sensitive area.
I'd love some information/input/advice on which implant you prefer and/or about the inner thighs...
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Good luck!!!
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Ok, had my pre-op Tuesday. Took DH with me, his first time in a PS office! We chose 250cc Sientra. I'm hoping they don't look too big which is so funny since it is such a small size compared to most of you :) I'm going to ask him to take some before pics to post. Question--- How much swelling is still around in 4 weeks (average?) AND is movement restricted or will I be able to move around fine, just not do upper body exercises?
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HI, I see we both have surgery tomorrow! Good luck, keep me posted.
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             i agree with mamamel1974 the new gels are stonger and tougher these days! they dont leak the gel is cohesive. if there is a rupture which is rare the breast will not change shape and you can get it fixed at your convenience! if a saline implant deflates you have to have it fixed immediately! yes an mri is recommended every 3 years with the cohesive gels! but if i dont feel anything is wrong than i wont be getting it! 
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I'm 39, 3 kids, 103 pounds and I got silicone 225 Mentor HP above the muscle. The new gummy bear held do not leak, do there's no danger of that and if you look closer at the info online about the auto immune thing, it is discounted in several sources. Under the muscle with silicone you will NOT see rippling, I bet, because I have overs with hardly any tissue to cover and I can't see rippling. I never even considered saline because of the info that I read out there and my doc never recommended it either. I'm not sure why people still choose saline except for the old belief that silicone will rupture and spread everywhere. They took those off the market years ago, but the fear still lingers... That's only my experience. Best of luck in your decision. It is an amazing journey to be on...
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