Botox for Hyperhidrosis - Fantastic Results but Expensive

I've been a heavy sweater all my life, and...

I've been a heavy sweater all my life, and it's something that has gotten worse with age. While I can save my winter clothes by stocking up on undershirts and garment shields, neither work well with summer clothes in the South.

Last May I broke down and got Botox injections under my arms. What a difference! I still wore antiperspirant but not very much. The full effect lasted about four months - no sweating at all during a steamy NC summer. Then I had another 4 - 5 months where I would sweat, but the antiperspirant could handle it.

I'm trying to talk my husband into letting me have it done again. Knowing that I'm not going to drench my clothes, not being afraid to get close to people because of my odor - the Botox really changed my life for the better. If only it lasted longer...

As for pain, I barely felt the needles and didn't feel the Botox. The nurse had me hold ice packs under my arms first to numb them but that was probably unnecessary.

I only found one dermatologist offering this treatment who takes insurance in the Triangle... Anyone have a good experience that would like to share a Dr's name ? Thanks!

so you feel it only lasted 4 months?? I have read in that area it should last much longer?? but i think if you can get away with doing it once a year at the start of summer is worth the money..

Based on what I've read around the site, the effects of Botox in any area can vary greatly from person to person. It sounds like most people see 3-6 months improvement, but I've heard it can be as long as 7.

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