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I Had Radiesse Last Week Loved It, I Had No Bruising and Hardly Any Swelling but Now It Seems Like It Might Have Migrated a Bit

My question is after i got the injections for my...

my question is after i got the injections for my nasal folds about a hour or so i began pressing on my face in an outward motion becuase i felt like i looked kind of gorilla faced like maybe i had to much near the lip area under my nose now it seems like the radiasse is not in the folds but directly next to it do you think i might of made it move becuase of minipulation on my part ? also i wanted to get it in the marionette lines (puppetlines) but the injecter said she saw a blood vessel and was concerned not to inject in that area. if i go to another more experienced person do you think i can get the puppet lines injected becuase i feel like getting the folds done have made the puppet lines more pronounced and noticable

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i would of rather went to a plastic surgeon or someone who was more knowledgable in radiasse injections even though the persosn that did it said she has done it so many times on so many other people and i didnt get bruised , and she did use lidocaine for the pain i feel like it didnt make to much of a difference in my apearance

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Hi Fremont,

Welcome to the community and thank you for your review. I have heard that Radiesse can move or spread out. I would imagine too, although the wrinkles may not be all the way gone the women at the salon being overly cautious of the blood vessel is probably a good thing. Please keep us updated how everything goes.



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Hi , thanks i will . im going back after the holidays too scary to fiddle with my face round this time because i will be around friends and family who will freak out if i end up looking deformed : )
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Well then, we will look forward to your updates. And probably a smart idea.


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