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Radiesse Used As a Test to Fill in my Wrinkles

I am a 62 year old woman who had a facelift in...

I am a 62 year old woman who had a facelift in January 2008. Basically it turned out well, but I was very unhappy about the wrinkles that were on my checks. They are not smile lines, but fine wrinkles no less. Most likely due to an aging face which looses it volume.

I always thought that you could lay on the floor and hold a mirror to your face and that would indicate the way your face would look after a face lift. I am not sure if my doctor did not pull it tight enough or what the problem was. He knew that I was unhappy with that portion of the face lift, so when a rep from Radiesse approached him about doing this procedure he decided to try it out on his nurse and me. The rep was in the room when he was making the injections.

Yes there was some minor improvements, but it would not have been anything worth paying for. I was happy to be the test case. Perhaps in a younger woman the procedure would have worked better.


Emeline, I did have a face lift about 6 months before the radiesse injections. What I found is there is not a one size fits all when it comes to what is the best procedure/product to use on your face. It depends on your face, age, volume, skin, etc. My problem is health professionals can "sell" anything, but you may not get what you expected. Good Luck!
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thanks for being so thorough and open.
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thank you for posting...I am going back and forth between getting a face lift and radiesse injections.
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He is very honest and up front. He does not make promises that he cannot keep. He is great at follow up visits.

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