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Still Red and Swollen and So Embarassed!

I had two injections of Radiesse, one on each side...

I had two injections of Radiesse, one on each side of my face, next to my nose, 4 months ago. The right side got very red and swollen, under my eye. My boss said it looked like someone had punched me in the eye! Yuck! I was told to ice and massage. Then, the Dr. told me that a woman who worked in her office had the same reaction, only worse. She had the whole side of her face red and swollen. She got a cortisone shot within 24 hours and did better. I was on antibiotics and an oral steroid for two weeks. Just some of the redness was gone. I was told to use heat and massage. Nothing changed. Last visit, the Dr. "broke up"??? the "hard mass" with a couple of needle pokes. I still ice but it remains red and swollen. I was told that it would not be permanent. My Dr. says she'll take care of me. They have given me some quality make-up so I don't look so terrible. But I have people asking me all the time, "what happened to your eye?" I can't stand to be in any photos, so photos of our cruise, scuba vacation, hiking trip, visit to grand kids are without me. I feel as though I've lost months out of my life. The left side is fine, it was a differnt syringe. I am getting a total refund but it doesn't make up for the pain and misery.

Dr. Hua

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My eye looks like yours only with a bigger bag. It's been three weeks and it's not getting better. It's a blob of radiesse. This is a nightmare. I'm disfigured and can't leave the house. My life is ruined. Did this ever get better? If so, how long did it take?
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Hi Jean34,

I am a little better but still have a lump under one eye and the white radiesse is showing through the skin, it's been 18 months and it is a little better, but now the skin under my eyes is baggy and wrinkled. I have been in touch with bioform again recently and they said they now have a black box warning not to use radiesse under the eyes because so many people had problems. Wish they had figured it out before we had it done. Are you any better?
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Hi Ambrosia,

I just saw your reply. Thank you SO very much for responding. I am now at 8 1/2 months. My experience seems very similar to yours. Under one eye, the Radiesse appears to have disappeared and I'm pretty much back to normal (just some weird small bumps remaining, but those are pretty liveable). Under the other eye, I have a large (pea-sized) nodule of Radiesse that is white and shows through the skin. I've tried a series of steroid injections to help dissolve it. Thus far, those have been ineffective. So my doctor just wants to give it more time. It is a little bit smaller than before, but still VERY disfiguring. I cry literally everyday and don't want to leave the house. If you don't mind me asking a few questions: (1) Do you still have a lump? (2) If not, when did it go away? If you do, is it much smaller than before? How big is it? (3) Did you consider surgery? My doctor only wants to do it as a last resort after waiting until at least the 18 months point.

Any words of wisdom that you can share are much appreciated. It is my sincere hope that you are doing MUCH better now. I hope it has completely resolved. No one else can understand the tremendous pain and suffering that this causes.

Thanks so much for your reply!!
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Hi everyone. I had Radiesse injected into my forehead due to an indentation from a kenalog shot. For almost 7 weeks I had a lump the size of a jaw breaker and was mortified to be seen in public. I was only told to ice it and massage in the beggining and the bump remained. I found a website that recommended vibration to be used to help metabolize it. The doc suggested using a tooth brush but mine was not charged so get ready for this I used a vibrator...I know I should be embarrassed to even admit to using it on my forehead but it worked. My bump is almost completely flat!!!! I called my doc and Radiesse to ask them why they don't recommend this and they said vibration works for certain kinds of bumps. I was pissed that I walked around for 7 weeks when there was a simple solution right under my bed:) BTW the vib works wonders when you are congested (sinuses):) Anyway, ask your Doc if you are not to embarrassed. If you use the toothbrush be sure to have a barrier between your skin and the brush. Good Day!!
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It's been 2 months now for me and still no improvement. I took steroids for a week and have had two v-beam laser treatments and still look the same. I have a number for Radiesse customer service if anyone wants it. I'm hoping they will have some answers for me.
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Hi it has been 8 monthes since my nightmare but I am happy to report about 16 weeks later it went away leaving the area the way I wanted it . So try and be patient it will get better eventually . Now or looks like I never had anything done. I will be going back and getting restalyn .. What I originally wanted
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I'm having the same radiess nightmare. Red large blisters under both eyes. Dr says he can make a small incision to remove some, doesn't sound like a very good idea to me, probably have a scar on top of everything else. It's been 4 weeks. Have you had any improvement? Is there any legal recourse?
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me too! it was under my eyes, big red bruise spots below eyes, looks like I've been punched too! Big raised ridge on my lower orbital eye bone too. Its been 7 weeks! How much longer will this last?
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hi, i had radiess put under my eyes in the wrong place above the orbital rim and it looks terribe makeup only covers some, it was done about 5 weeks ago and still looks bad,,are you any better now and how long before you noticed any improvments thanks
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