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I Had a Reaction! I'm Not Buying That This Product is Bio Compatible.

I had radiesse injections 1 month ago. I had...

I had radiesse injections 1 month ago. I had injections in my nasolabial folds, under eye hollow and cheeks. I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and have been in remission for a few years until I got these injections, it's my opinion that these injections caused an inflammatory response which most likely caused me to have a multiple sclerosis relapse. I'm not talking about the initial swelling that goes away in a few days, because the swelling is completly gone. I'm talking about your body's response to foreign substances or allergens which causes inflammation within the body. I called the Radiesse rep after I started having these symptoms which include; double vision in one eye, and a rash that is only in areas on my face that have been injected with radiesse. To my surprise she said that there have been no studies performed to find out if this product causes an inflammitory response in the body. She said that few people have reported getting a rash. I know this company claims that this product is bio compatable. If that were the truth then people wouldn't be reporting rashes and other horrible side effect that all these people are reporting. I will never use this product again and I will try fat injections next time because at least I know for sure that my body will not reject my own fat.
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I am now on my 15th month after radiesse under eyes, red immune reaction still with huge bag under one eye and indention under the other. Dr says I now need lower blepheroplasty due to the damage under the eyes but radiesse lump will still be visible. Has anyone found a solution for this disasterous stuff yet??
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This is so disturbing! I also had a reaction of some sort. I immediately got a severve sinus infection and under my eyes is a red rash over the radiesse injections, along with lumps that are huge and look terrible. I had radiesse injected in my lips (which I also hate due to the lumps)and nasal labial folds and the Dr said where else do you want it, since you have quit a bit left to use... so he suggested to put it under my eyes, not to fill hollows just to cover very mild dark circles... I cant believe I let him talk me into it. So depressed. I have been told I just have to wait. I have been hiding from the world for the last 3 weeks, I dont know how much longer I am supposed to wait and no one will tell me any thing. I also called Radiesse directly and they told me they could only talk to my injecting doctor... so no help there, any suggestions, I am desperate to look normal again.
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Interesting to hear you say this as I had an attack of shingles within 2 weeks of this treatment. When I challenged the doctor about it he said this effect had not been reported but I'm with you. I suspect an auto-immune response to this product. I've also noticed that at each site I had thie injection I had strange pimple like reactions that keep recurring and not healing properly. Avoid this product like the plague! SOmething will come out about it in the futire for sure. ANybody remember Dermalife!!!!
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Jayden, Sorry to hear that you had a bad reaction too. It's sad to hear about so many people having reactions to this product and it's even more disapointing to hear the doctors or nurses who did the injections are for the most part blowing us off or telling us that the reaction we're having probably had nothing to do with the product. I think these doctors should report any complaints to the company or refuse to offer this product until they can prove that it is really safe. I wonder if these doctors or nurses would recommend radiesse to someone in there family? probably not. Sheah
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