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Radiesse Rash Along Naso-labial Folds - La Jolla, CA

I had the injection in the naso-labial folds just...

I had the injection in the naso-labial folds just 2 days ago, I am not sure of the satisfactory level at this time. However, I am experiencing a red like rash and dryness feeling to the smile lines and need to know if this is common. Please advise what I can use to relieve the rash and dry feeling.

I just had Radiesse injections in the smile lines 2 days ago on Wednesday, I am experiencing a redness like rash along the injection area smile lines. Can someone please tell me if this is normal, has experienced this and how long it will last. I must return to work on Monday, in just a couple days, what can I apply to the rash right away, it feels very stiff and dry. Please help.

The end result was good, once the rash subside I...

The end result was good, once the rash subside I was happy with the outcome. Would use this product again.

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One week after the radiesse injections in my naso-labial folds I developed a red rash in this same area which has persisted now for 4 months. My dermatologist thinks it is either an allergic type reaction to the radiesse or seborrhea dermatitis triggered by the filler. I'm wondering if another filler would do the same thing. Will have to wait until the filler wears off to figure out if it is an allergic reaction.

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I have a rash on my entire body & the itchiness is driving me crazy. I am on steroids for last 2 days. Has anyone else experienced this? It's been 6 days since the injection & I don't see much difference in lines. thanks
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This is normal! My rash gradually faded over a couple of weeks and was easily covered up. The skin does stay hard for a while but it won't look weird to others, it might just feel weird to you. Don't worry, that's normal! If the rash doesn't go away or gets worse, go back to your doctor. My skin continued to be a little hard (gradually softening back to normal as the radiesse wore off) but that's how I knew it was still in there and working!
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