Please Educate Yourself Before Experimenting with Your Face

I am a medical professional. I received several...

I am a medical professional. I received several Radiesse injections in February. Nasolabial folds, marionette creses of chin and furrow between brows. The needle sticks from the numbing itself are rather painful, the injections not so much. To distribute the Radiesse evenly, your face is pinched from inside and out extremely firmly. My sights ranged from dark blue/black to yellow/green for 10 days. I retreated to the ice cold of the mountains where I knew I would not be seen by friends. I liked the end result, but had told myself it was not worth the time, money and pain. All was well until 5 months later. Pea-sized, white lumps began forming at the various injections sights every 4 to 5 days. The lumps are hard and whiter than the rest of my skin - they look like boils. I have used warm compresses on and picked at some, and others I've left alone. The one's I've messed with have "gone away" but left scars. I actually cut/picked/pinched the lumps out (some "stuff" a whitish gel-like liquid and some resembling more of a solid. The lumps I've left alone are still there in their original pea-sized, whitish form and have been for 3 to 4 weeks. The Dr who performed the procedure is a very successful & experienced plastic surgeon and a trusted friend. I have seen patients remain satisfied for > 12 months, but I am so dissatisfied with, embarrassed and angry about my results that I felt the need to share. Please educate yourself before experimenting with your face!

please if you know of something to get this stuff out help i had it gone about a month ago and i hate it i cry every day because i look so ugly now and the killer thing is i just turned 30 im not even that old looking back on it i looked better before now i look like a monster i cant even look people in the face now because i feel like they will know please help if you know of smethng please let mr know
lady1 hang in there. I know how it feels although mine was juvederm and finally went away, I think. Look -- just love yourself. If people are going to judge you based on something you cannot help then they are not worth YOUR time, first of all, and secondly, have you asked any of the docs on here about what you can do?
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