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Radiesse Was NOT Worth the Money - a Man's Perspective

Had Perlane injections 2 weeks ago. 1 syringe in...

Had Perlane injections 2 weeks ago. 1 syringe in each cheek. The results lasted 7 days. The pain was frightening. I called the next day. Saw the Doctor immediately. He said that there is more pain with virgin skin. The pain subsided in the next 24 hours. The results lasted a week. Made another appointment to complain that I wasted my money. Dr. suggested Radiesse. Received 1 radiesse syringe in each cheek on top of the perlane. No pain whatsoever. Cheeks looked a bit swolen for 24 hours, like apples, quite youthful infact. Went to a party that night, nobody noticed anythng. The results looked amazing within 72 hours. Each day afterwards the results diminished. I'm back to square one 6 days later. $1200 in injections later, there is no differnce from when I started. My body seems to drink the stuff. I was told I would feel the radiese in my cheek like puddy for several months. There is nothing there. The doctor was great to deal with though. His nurse was incredible. I felt very much taken care of. Very professional all round. I told the doctor there was no value for me. He said men require a lot of filler - thicker skin. I would try it again if it were way less expensive or free but I don't think several thousand dollars is worth a week of looking marginally better. Save your money and take a vacation if you want that 'well rested' look. For several thousand bucks, I could stay a week at the Four Seasons in Maui and get 'well rested'. ps. The botox in my forehead looks freakin' amazing. The perfect amount. Can still arch my brows a bit and give that stern look if I want. The lines are WAY better and I don't look frozen. I had a conversation with a woman yesterday about her botox. She asked me if I would ever consider it. She then looked at my skin and said, but you don't really need it, do you. I said....'naaaa'.

Dr. Sharif Tadros

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I have never heard of radiesse going away so fast....makes me suspiciious of what was really in his syringe. NOBODY has that fast of a metabolism, not even me!
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